iKing by Semantix.media
The Cosmic Heart.
Read me first!

Semantix.media's iKing is a renewed version of the ancient Chinese oracle "I Ching".

Whenever you feel lost and need an impartial advice from above and beyond, you can ask to our iKing.

If you need more information about the original "Book of Changes" please start here on Wikipedia.

How it works

The iKing ancient algorithm reasons - and resonates with your questions/intentions - by responding through psychological archetypes and onirical images.

How to ask

It is very simple to use: just focus on the simplest linguistic form of your problem, possibly in the form of a noun, for example:

"my partner" or "the new job offer" or "New York".

There is no particular need to describe in too much further detail your question.

Keep it simple and short, close to a sort of telepathy. The less language you use, the better.

Whatever your question might be, the iKing will divinate, touch and ring the relation between you and your question.

How to read the Responses

Normally you get 2 images (hexagrams) for your situation, the first being "the current state of things" and the second being "the naturally upcoming cosmic change in relation to your question".

Sometimes, rarely, you get only one hexagram. You can interpret this occurrence as the lack of a particular change in your situation, but still better read what the Oracle has to advice to you. You may be missing the solving point, distracted by the everyday and personal implications of your problem.


Do not use too much.

Treat iKing as it was a real wise person. Do not stalk it.

Ask for a response when you have a clear question/hurdle in your life.

Use on mobile phone!

On iOS (Safari) you can add iKing to Home Screen to launch it as a standalone web-application.

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