"Semantix as opposed to Episodix". The Client calls us for a solution that must be efficient and durable: a platform for even further growth.

"Ariadne's thread". Strict logic is a fundamental part of all Semantix processes.

"Meaning" (and the crucial relationship between form/shape and expectations/understanding) comes first at all levels.

While we spark any action from objective data, our goal is to raise the Client's current business figures, by translating them into powerful, multi-culturally understandable sentences and emotions. We do so by a distillation of the finest notions of language, psychology and sociology.

The good old email is the only official mean of communication between us and our clients. No chats, SMS, socials.

We reject urgency. We are perfectionists. It's a complex world. We might need a couple of months to deliver the simplest of the tasks. Because we craft the complex result of a (possibly) simple job.

We handle a maximum of 10 clients simultaneosuly. We do not foresee to raise this number. In order to serve you at our best, we need time to relax with families, to detox from screens and to study new subjects to help you again - and better - in the future.