Wednesday, July 7, 2021 (434 Views)

How to Write Better Emails at Work

By Team

Learning the unspoken rules for writing professional emails can improve how competent you appear in the eyes of colleagues and bosses.

 Video by Jeff Su - Harvard Business Review
At we have decided to cut out any mean different than "the good old email" for work communications, among staff members and clients.

In this HBR (Harvard Business Review) collaboration with YouTube creator Jeff Su, you'll learn how to better organize your email communications and avoid a lot of rookie mistakes that can lead to embarrassment or worse.

00:00 Why bother with email etiquette?
01:19 Include CTA in subject line
02:13 One email thread per topic
02:48 Manage recipients
03:27 Start with the main point
04:30 Summarize in your reply
05:10 Hyperlink whenever possible
05:38 Change default setting to "Reply" (not "Reply all")
06:06 Change undo send options