sebastiaan stam - Human legs into toxic environment
Saturday, July 24, 2021 (186 Views)

All media are toxic.

By Alessandro Wm Mavilio

Alessandro Mavilio is a writer, film-maker, designer and digital strategist. He is active and prolific on the Web since its early age. He taught a... | Read more.

The reason for which all media are toxic.

It is a bold statement but, yes.

All media are toxic.

Before the human world got into this ever growing narrative mechanism, based on (one to many) myths, religions, chronicles, history - until the most recent (any to any) individual/mass/social communication - there was only a "directly felt experience".

We are aware that all media deprive human beings of even being aware of their own original ability to feel the real world.

Yes, all media are toxic, and the only good thing any human being shoud really do is to recover the primacy of an im-media-te felt experience.

But just as for the case of many other assets of our modern life, we work inside an ideal arena for which sure media can be dangerous and toxic, but still they can be meaningful or serve a clear purpose.